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Who wouldn't love a 2 foot tall realistically detailed Dalek cake for their birthday?

This cake was a challenge but ended up better than we could have imagined. It stands 22" high and weighs nearly 20kg.

The following photos show some of the work that went into it's construction.

Plans were developed from published Doctor Who manuals

The use of styro in some sections reduces weight and cake wastage

28 styro balls were halved, covered in icing and painted

The two major sections of cake were carved and covered in chocolate ganache

Covered in fondant and stacked

More details added and eyeball in developement

Eye and gun "shoulders" added

Completed Dalek Cake

Close up of completed cake

Tenele and the completed Dalek cake

He was delicious!

For more photos and info please see our Novelty cake Gallery

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  • Holly says:

    What's the point in covering the balls in icing? They're made of styrofoam... no-one's going to eat them.

    • Martin says:

      Hi Holly

      I guess mainly it is a aesthetic thing, to keep the entire outside of the cake made of icing. If we had wanted to use the extra icing and put up with the extra weight it would have been possible to make them out of solid fondant and they would not have looked any different.

      Plus if we had simply painted the styrofoam balls you would probably still be able to see the texture of the styrofoam.

      And finally this way the royal icing attaching the balls to the edible part of the cake is gluing icing to icing so there won't be any styrofoam accidentally left behind when you remove the balls.

  • Angie Gibson says:

    Love your Art!!!! Great Designs!!! Regards from Venezuela!!!

  • Pers says:

    That is absolutely FANTASTIC as the Ninth Doctor would say!

    Or BRILLIANT as Ten would've said.

    Well done!

  • Josiah says:

    Would it be possible to publish/send the plans for this cake, as your FAQ's suggest you don't do delivery outside Australia?


    • Martin says:

      Hi Josiah

      I am not sure how well R2 would have traveled on an international flight, we were happy he was being delivered just around the corner.

      The templates we used are available for download at the end of this blog post. Other than that it is really just a case of printing out some photos of R2D2 and decorating him to match.

  • Laura says:

    Truly fantastic - my son is a massive Dr Who fan and I'd love to make him one (can't afford the 800! ) I'm also in bungendore - do you run classes?


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